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Back in Burlington....well I have been for almost a week but livejournal didn't know that.  I should update this thing more often.  Life is...ok.  I've been to almost all of my classes at least once, except for digital filmmaking which is three hours long and only meets once a week.  So I'll have that tomorrow.  This term sounds like it's going to be stressful and have an assload of work.  I usually have at least one or two classes with an assload of work but this time I have four classes that look like they're going to have an assload of work. I like saying assload. I'm takinggggggggggggggggggggg Public Speaking (which terrifies me, but will actually probably be my easiest class), Legacy of World Civilizations part two, Print Journalism, Audio Production and Digital Filmmaking.
In other news my computer is a fucking crack whore.  Every time I start it up now I never get the task bar or start button or desktop or icons or anything, they just never load, so I have to hit ctrl + alt + del and use the task manager to do everything which is a pain in the ass.  Also my internet isn't working because the gateway is offline.  So yesh, I hate my computer.
I miss everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee.  

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