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"I once had a cat, oh wait, I'm a fucking lying wench"

So whee, I have a job.  Or at least I will once my mom faxes my birth certificate to the library here.  Yay.  Thanks for killing my phone card Michelle =P
Going to the movies with Chelly tonight and hopefully buying some posters for my room and eating at the sketchy McDonalds.

So I wrote about walking on the beach and seeing a crab for Creative Nonfiction and then I didn't even have to read it or turn it in.  AND OH OH OH WENCH DILLARAD IS A FUCKING LIAR!!!!  Ok so in her book she's all like, " I once had a cat, and old fighting tom, and he would walk on me during the night and get blood on me, but the blood looked like roses, blahblahblah." Ok so it turns out SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A CAT OMGORZ!!!!!  It was a freinds cat and it happened to her friend, soooooooooo DILLARD'S A LIAR AND SHE SHOULD DIE THE END!!!!
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