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"I'm in love with my animal friends!"

Watching Grizzly Man, the documentary about that guy who lived with the grizzly bears and got killed by them...It's sad that he died and his girlfriend died and everything but...there was something wrong with him. He wanted to be a bear...That's going to be Sam some day, living with the wolves =P.


"I want rain. I want, if there's a God, to kick some ass down here. Let's have some water! Jesus boy! Let's have some water! Christ man or Allah or Hindu floaty thing! Let's have some fucking water for these animals!"
"Oh my gosh! The bear, Miss Chocolate, has left me her poop! It's her crap! It was just in her butt and it's still warm! This is a gift from Miss Chocolate!"

Park Ranger: "It's a terrible thing that happened, but I suppose he got what was coming to him. I mean the bear probably thought Timothy was retarded or something."
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