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quote? Other things.

Whee, my life is boring and I never update. crazy party yesterday. Jeopardy + North Carolina video + pizza + pie + trivial pursuit till 1:00 in the morning = good times.

I put in an application to T-bird for some maintanance/cleaning/other stuff job, and the guy said the application looked good and he'd call me on Sunday, so I probably have a 2nd job which is very good because I need money and can probably only continue going to Champlain for more more term.

OK AMY!!! I was looking through my old lj entries sometime last week and I found some quote that you said about Wench Dillard and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek andddd now I can't remember it or find it and it's bugging me. "...something something something....What's that? A frog being sucked?"...that's all I remember...maybe I'm going crazy. I don't know I'm bored.
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